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Shamanic Trance Dance Retreat – Spring Equinox

  • West Lexham Manor Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE32 2QN United Kingdon (map)

My intention is to guide you on a journey, deep within yourself, in sacred space – to reconnect with your own power, strength, clarity and innate wisdom. Whilst embracing the whole of you, this dynamic journey will also focus more deeply on embodying the sacred feminine life force within you.

During this retreat you will:
• Centre and deepen within yourself, reconnecting to the power of your navel/womb, heart and soul
• Transmute stories, wounds and conditioning you may have around ‘mother’ , ‘woman’, ‘sexuality’ and the ‘feminine’
• Access and embody the deeply visceral and powerful energies of this feminine, sexual and creative life force within you
• Be unafraid to then bring this potent and vital force out into your life

Spring is the season when nature supports us in fully letting go of what no longer serves us and embracing the vital and beautifully fertile life force within us. When deeply anchored inside of ourselves, we can truly harness this rich and creative life force and safely channel this into the manifestation of all of our visions and intentions, empowering our potentials into being…

On this Spring Equinox journey together we will experience a variety of tools, rituals and ceremonies to allow us to transform self imposed boundaries and limitations that prevent us from living a life of meaning, connection and purpose.

The experiences I will facilitate on our journey will take you beyond your linear mind and allow you to embody the loving, creative, healing and fertile aspects of your being more deeply.

If you are interested in joining this experience then please fill out the form below to arrange a time to talk. I prefer to connect with everyone who wants to participate in this kind of work prior to the retreat.

By working with your body, breath, dance, music and movement in a variety of rituals and ceremonies you will become clearer, more energised and empowered to live and embrace life more fully. You will experience new realities within yourself you have never previously conceived of and feel a deeper connection to the Earth Mother and our brothers and sisters here on the planet. You will feel safe and nurtured and more present and embodied within your soul and Spirit.

Here’s a taste of what you will experience on our journey together:
• Shamanic Trance Dances – using breath, rhythm, blindfold and the nature of intention to journey through dancing with the deeper aspects of your being, for strength, healing, wisdom and the reclamation of personal power
• Animal Medicine Dynamic Journey – embracing this animal medicine within you, to assist you on your journey in reclaiming your power and accessing your own medicine and gifts
Maternal Ancestors Walk – accessing the power and strength of this stream of consciousness, by being acutely present with the energy within yourself, burning through karma, transcending stories and reconnecting with your deeper maternal ancestral roots. These roots ultimately connects us all to one mother and our brothers and sisters here on the planet
• Fire ceremony
• Shamanic exercise and meditation
• Celebration and manifestation Trance Dance – infusing your intention with the breath (spiritual energy), letting go and dancing them into being… celebrating the journey you have chosen to walk upon.
• Closing ceremony – after working in sacred space this will prepare you for your emergence back into your lives and assist with the process of integration

About your retreat leader - Vicky Heskin, Shamanic Guide, Dancer & Healer:

"I’ve been exploring spirituality, healing and working with energy since the mid 90’s. And for over 8 years I’ve been working with women and men, from all walks of life supporting their energetic, healing and spiritual journeys.

I’ve spent extended periods of time in South America on my own personal journey, working with indigenous Shamans as well as co-creating several retreats in Ecuador. During this time I have also immersed myself in a yoga teacher training in Bolivia and Peru and now use yoga in a shamanic context, in addition to my shamanic dance and ritual practices.

Finding easy ways to access these ancient rituals and tapping into inner wisdom beyond the mind are an important part of my work, which I am looking forward to sharing with you."

This retreat has been especially created to honour and welcome the vital energies of the Spring Equinox, this deeply rich and fertile time.  She makes no excuses for living and has a clear direction and focus in manifesting her intentions. This is one of two special times in the year, when day and night are of equal length and support a moment out of time. This gives us a space to come back to our centres, let go of what no longer serves us and re-ignite our intentions before fully emerging into the power of our fullest expression…

This retreat is for you if: 
• You’re willing to surrender and let go, to trust in a bigger picture and deepen your experience within yourself.
• You love to move, dance, stretch and be facilitated to get out of your head and into your heart and body.
• You are willing to face your fears, and the potential of feeling some discomfort, before the break through emerges.
• You are ready to transmute old, outdated patterns and transcend old paradigms that have held you back.
• Whilst being deeply held, you are ready and willing to take responsibility for yourself and your journey unfolding.

This journey will be held at the beautiful, peaceful and eco friendly West Lexham retreat centre, in Norfolk. We have full use of the barn and surrounding accommodation in the courtyard, with our own private garden. Whilst also having access to the boating lake and wider grounds if we wish. I’ve chosen this retreat centre as the grounds and buildings have a beautiful, special, clear energy, which truly supports the deep process we will be embarking on.

The Retreat includes shared/twin en-suite accommodation, delicious vegetarian, wheat and dairy free meals and all dance, rituals, ceremonies and healing journeys with me. (Also please let me know if you have any other dietary requirements before booking and I’ll see if it’s possible to accommodate them).


Retreat Prices

Early bird retreat - En-suite twin/share - £520
Early bird retreat - En-suite single room supplement - £565 

£150 deposit required to secure your place. 

Early bird until Friday 3rd March. Book now to avoid disappointment.

If you are interested in joining this experience then please fill out the form below to arrange a time to talk. I prefer to connect with everyone who wants to participate in this kind of work prior to the retreat, so let me know what number is best to reach you on.

Wishing you so much love and the most beautiful of blessings, on your journey's unfolding.

Vicky x

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